Simec is a leader company in Europe in the production of automatic cold cut saws for metals, from tubes, to solids to special profiles. Born in Schio in 1987, it assumed a relevant role at national level, quickly exporting its own products abroad, starting from Germany and France, to continue in other countries and in North and South America. The company, during the years, made commercial relationships with several foreign companies and at this time 80% of the machines are exported abroad. To satisfy the always increasing market needs, Simec is constantly researching creating special cutting equipment, studied on the base of the specific needs of the clients.

In 2003, with both parties satisfaction, SIMEC and NISHIJIMA CORPORATION (japanese company world leader in the production of saws for hard materials), realize an important collaboration, with the purpose of developing and commercializing solutions to cut solid bars up to 150mm diameter, for the European market.
The addition of these products, allowed the Company to widen its presence on the market, confirming its own identity as high technology machinery designers, with precision and reliability as main characteristics.
NISHIJIMA CORPORATION is a worldwide leader in the production of metal working machines for cutting and drilling. Thanks to the 80 years experience, it's capable to supply constantly machine to the automotive sector in Japan and worldwide.